An employer with employees who are going to work on a Veidekke project

Why is safety training important?

Veidekke works continuously to improve the health, safety and security level of our projects. Everyone who is going to carry out work at Veidekke must carry out mandatory HSE training.

Practical implementation and documentation

Our partners are responsible for ensuring that their own employees, hired workers and, if applicable, own contractual partners can document having completed the safety course before starting work.


All workers working on Veidekke's projects must be registered in HMSREG. After “Fareblind” is completed, this is automatically recorded in HMSREG.

Read more about HMSREG in Veidekke here.


For projects that have not begun using HMSREG, the form Registration of personnel for a project is used (The form must be printed out, completed, signed and delivered before starting work).