HSE for Veidekke Entreprenør partners

Veidekke is continuously working to improve health, safety and environment levels in its projects. We have therefore decided that absolutely everyone who works on our building and construction sites must undertake mandatory HSE training.

Veidekke's partners are significantly over-represented in our injury statistics. We therefore intend to increase the health and safety competence of everyone who works at or for Veidekke.

The mandatory HSE training at Veidekke has been split into two parts.

The first part (module 1) is internet-based and must be completed before personnel arrive at Veidekke's building and construction sites.

The registration form, which you can find on the link at the bottom of the page, must be completed and signed by the employer before access to the site the first day of each new project.

The second part is project-specific training (module 2), which is implemented upon/following arrival at the project.

Mandatory Safety Training Module 1

Registration and Login (training portal):


For help and support, please call or email. Support can help with login, certificates and similar problems. The service is available Monday to Friday 9 to 16.  Support is given in a Scandinavian language or English.

Mail: ps-support@lumesse.com

Information letter about Veidekke's mandatory safety training

User guide

Registration form for project personnel:

(please print and complete the forms as they will need to be signed)

Other languages:

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